QTA – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, SA operates primarily in industry and is a privileged partner in all industries where water is a vital part of its production, whether as a raw material or as a transport, lubrication, cooling, etc.

In a scenario of increasing worldwide water scarcity, it is the objective of QTA – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, SA to act at all stages in which water is present inside the factories, from captation to treatment, through reuse and compliance with legislation in the discharge.

QTA – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, S.A. has extensive knowledge accumulated in various industry sectors, namely:

  • Shipping industry

  • Glass Industry

  • Metal Recycling Industry

  • Food and Beverage Industry

  • Metal Processing and Handling Industry

  • Metal Surface Finishing Industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Paint Industry

  • Fertilizer Industry

  • Automotive Components Industry

  • Landfill leachate treatment of municipal solid waste and banal industrial waste

  • Wineries