QTA – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, S.A. provides full management services of all factory water networks or periodic technical assistance to them.

Water is in many industries a vital part of its production, both as a raw material and as a transport, lubrication, cooling, etc. element. Given the importance of a wellfunctioning plant, it is important not only to comply with the applicable legislation when discharging the treated water to the water or sewage system, but also to have quality-adapted water at all stages so customers can focus on production. Production breakdowns are completely undesirable in a factory and QTA – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, SA ensures with our service that water is never part of the problem, but always part of a regular operation

From capture, distribution, cooling, heating, demineralization, reverse osmosis,
domestic and / or industrial wastewater treatment, QTA – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, SA can do a broad job that encompasses the entire water network and ensures its customers a permanent monitoring of their water networks with a very short reaction time to any deregulation.

The choice of Industrial Water Network management service or technical assistance guarantees customers:

  • Optimize factory water consumption by reducing losses and by looking for alternative water sources.

  • Encouraging the maximization of the closing of the internal water cycle in industrial units located in urban areas, avoiding the maximum costs associated with the purchase of drinking water or discharge of wastewater in municipal collector;

  • Water treatment according to uses and legislation or specifications;

  • Correct water treatment of cooling and water heating systems to minimize corrosion or limescale effects;

  • Protection of factory pipelines and equipment from closed, semi-open or open circuits against corrosion, limestone deposition or microbiological development, thereby reducing the number of breakdowns and unwanted stops;

  • Prevention and fight against the development of Legionella pneumophila in industrial cooling circuits;

  • Reduction of energy consumption in cooling, heating or water lifting units.