Construction and Modernization

The construction of industrial WWTP´s must always take into account the particularities of each industry and its wastewaters. As such, in QTA each project of building a WWTP is unique and properly adapted to each reality.

The construction is always made taking into account the real needs of the customer, being proposed lines of treatment balanced at the level of its operation and maintenance, without forgetting the realism of the initial investment and operating costs.

TQTA – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, SA gives priority, whenever possible, to the reuse of treated wastewater, reducing as much as possible the water footprint of each company, as well as reducing the respective operating costs, whether in the abstraction or purchase of industrial water either in the discharge of water to municipal collectors.

The rehabilitation and modernization of industrial WWTP is a necessity requirement for many companies in order to make these units comply with new discharge permits, or to adapt them to changes in production lines that often lead to the production of industrial wastewater with different characteristics from those of the initial project.