QTA – Serviços de Gestão Ambiental, S.A. has a Compact Industrial WWTP available to rent to its customers in specific situations of breakdowns, seasonal treatments, full scale pre-installation testing of WWTP or even to aid sludge dehydration.
The unit available for rental with a complete line of physical and chemical treatment and is installed in a 12 m long marine container and is fully portable requiring only power and water to operate.

It is a unit that has an added value for:

  • Vital equipment failure situations, where the Compact Industrial WWTP can totally or partially replace existing WWTP´s;
  • Conducting full scale testing for treatment of industrial wastewater;

  • Treatment of seasonal or punctual industrial wastewater;

  • Sludge dehydration aid in case of dehydration system failure;

  • On-site treatment of contaminated groundwater from contaminated soils.